About Our Leadership Team

We Create Dreams

Lee Baker

CEO  Lee Baker is the owner and president of Paralight Films, LLC, the previous CEO of Genesis Animation, Inc. and the previous owner and president of Sandman Studios Entertainment, LLC. Lee has worked on Race to Witch Mountain, Pushing Daisies, Grimm, Trauma, The Aquabats, Raising Hope, A Gifted Man, The Closer, iZombie and many others. His company built the X-Box video game Advent Rising with Majesco, worked with Electronic Arts on G.I. Joe, Littlest Pet Shop, Monopoly, Nerf and Connect Four and built interactive games for Stuart Little and Pirates of the Caribbean. For their work, his company has won 10 Telly Awards, 2 Davey Awards, 2 W3 Awards, 15 Horizon Awards, 5 Communicator Awards and 6 Interactive Media Awards. Lee is the author of the novel Speed of Light and the illustrated books Humbug, A Christmas Carol and Beau and the Beanstalk. IMDB

Steven Nia

Chairman/Producer. Steven brings many years experience and expertise in VFX, production, film finance, distribution, creation and development of shows and events. His shows have aired on PBS, CBS and NBC. He is a talented producer and is currently leading the way for the production of many films on the Wardour/Advent Film slate and Steven is the key to opening our films in worldwide markets. He is the creative and technical mind behind the W1 Platform The Hollywood Blockchain which is revolutionizing the Hollywood entertainment system. He is key in developing relationships to fund and promote our projects and visual effects. IMDB

Angelina Leo

COO/Producer. Besides acting in movies and TV series, Angelina performs in several Hollywood theaters. She is the model for multi-million high-tech companies both in China and USA and focuses on motion picture productions. Angelina is currently producing several Wardour/Advent films and is key in arranging for funding of our projects. Angelina is skilled in all areas of production and negotiation. She is key in negotiation of international deals andP has a stong influence in the China market. She is acting in the feature film The Dome which has been financed through the W1 Platform. IMDB

Drennan Baker

Founder, Vice President Drennan Baker oversees the development of projects at Advent Entertainment and has experience in print and runway modeling. In 2006 Drennan was awarded the Mrs. Utah crown in the Mrs. America Pageant and was 2nd runner up in the Mrs. America Pageant. She is the Chapter Advisor for the Worldwide Organization for Women (WOW) which seeks to create a peaceful environment that values sanctity of human life, preserves the natural family, and fosters the worship of God. Drennan also started and led a chapter for American Mothers for three years previous to her work with WOW. As a student, Drennan was a springboard and platform diver and competed in local, regional and state competitions. Drennan’s passion is spreading her faith-based processes and experience in self-development and personal progress. IMDB

Jarom Sidwell

Production/VFX Supervisor Jarom started his career with Digital Domain and the films Transformers, We Own the Night, The Hitcher, Texas Chainsaw Massacre – The Beginning and Zoom. He moved to VFX produce commercials at Radium / Reel FX where he assembled bids, helped managed pitches, actualized budgets and learned the beginning and end and everything in between needed for a successful production. 2+ years later, New Zealand called. He had to go – it was Avatar. The animation department was his home and after that first production he oversaw his own projects. He learned the systems and workflow, mastered it, earned a higher title and with some hard work and skillful planning began delivering projects months ahead of schedule. Weta credits : Man of Steel, Avengers, The Adventures of TinTin, X-Men: First Class, A-Team, Gulliver’s Travels, Avatar. Now, he is leading the Advent FX teams and perfecting our use of Virtual and Augmented Reality. IMDB

Moroni Taylor

Animation and Storyboards Moroni brings over 20 years of experience in the film industry with a focus on story creation and storyboarding. He has spent much of his career with Blue Sky Animation and has extensive experience in developing great stories that have worldwide appeal. Animation feature film projects have included: Ice Age: Collision Course, Rio 2, Ice Age: Continental Drift, Rio, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Surviving Sid, Horton Hears a Who!, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Aunt Fanny’s Tour of Booty, Robots, Ice Age, Osmosis Jones, The Tangerine Bear: Home in Time for Christmas!, The Iron Giant, The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars, The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot, The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue, The Peanuts Movie and Epic. IMDB

Kenwood Huh

Art Direction/Animation Kenwood is a talented artist who has led teams of artists with Sandman Studios on key projects. Kenwood created the main artwork and models for Stan Lee’s new super hero franchise Rogue Legion. He also built the main super hero 3D models for the video game for the Rogue Legion. He won a student academy award for his work on the project The Ghost Next Door. Kenwood has been leading the art look and feel for Starlight since the beginning of the project and has developed the look and feel of the Heavenly worlds. Kenwood’s personal artwork has earned him a strong name in the art world and he has a talent for leading teams of artists and creating a cohesive feel for each project he undertakes.

Kienan Lafferty

Concept Art  Kienan is a talented artist and has been a lead concept and final production artist on many projects. At Sandman Studios Kienan worked on many Radical Comics titles such as Caliber, Freedom Formula and Mateki. He also created the artwork for the books Humbug, a Christmas Carol and Beau and the Beanstalk. Kienan also spent many years creating great artwork for Riot Games. At Riot he led the teams in charge of concept and promotional artwork for League of Legends, a video game title that has been very successful. Kienan also has created his own comic book series called Emma. Kienan developed the initial artwork for Starlight and has been a key in creating the look and feel of the project. You can see his amazing artwork with a quick google search of his name.